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With the legislation surrounding pharmaceutical products and medical devices being in a constant state of flux, the role of the Regulatory Affairs professional has become increasingly crucial. 

Warman O’Brien has built a strong understanding of the needs of the biopharmaceutical and medical devices market. We can support candidates and clients in filling roles at all levels of the regulatory affairs field: from regulatory affairs officers to senior regulatory affairs managers, our expert recruitment consultants can assist you with filling these roles on a permanent or contract basis.

Regulatory affairs over the next decade

The biopharmaceutical industry is set to transform over the next ten years. The introduction of new immunotherapies, personalised medicines, and the rise of novel diseases necessitates developing, trialling and distributing vaccines and treatments. The regulatory affairs market is anticipated to grow from its current value of $13.8 billion to $27 billion by 2030.

Across every market in which a pharmaceutical or medical devices company wishes to dispense its products, regulatory professionals ensure their employer is advised on legal and scientific restraints surrounding distribution, advertising, and record-keeping. 

Regulatory affairs jobs safeguard their employers and customers and add value by assisting in matters of commercial and technical strategy at the highest level in the organisation they represent. The function of regulatory affairs specialists over the last decade has continued to evolve. For example, many companies now find their regulatory staff at the heart of the research and development process for novel drugs and devices.

Organisation-critical regulatory affairs roles

Regulatory affairs jobs often span the life sciences sector, from in-house regulatory affairs officers working within global medical device manufacturers to chemistry, manufacturing and controls teams. Regulatory affairs professionals placed by Warman O’Brien have been consulting biopharmaceutical firms in emerging markets such as the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. We’re experts in ensuring passionate and dedicated Regulatory Affairs professionals fill these critical roles.

CMC (Chemistry, manufacturing and controls)

Chemistry, manufacturing and controls within regulatory affairs require a candidate with a multidisciplinary scientific background. With their teams alongside technologists and engineers, those in CMC jobs often call for hands-on experience with a wide range of biological, physiological and chemical analyses, an understanding of statistics, scientific writing skills and a proven work record in collaborative environments. 

Regulatory Affairs Management

The role of the Regulatory Affairs Manager is to support and motivate their team, whether in-house or on a consultancy basis, in submitting regulatory documentation on new or existing drugs and medical devices. In addition, they ensure compliance with national and international legislations and ethical guidelines set by regulatory bodies such as the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) or the United States FDA. 

Medical Writing

Medical Writers facilitate the development of marketing and advice on new medicines or devices for medical and healthcare professionals such as GPs. At Warman O’Brien, we’re experienced in supporting candidates and clients in filling roles for these critical jobs. Additionally, Medical Writers will often find themselves part of a wider medical communications agency, providing public and private sector services on legal and regulatory documentation, education and marketing.

The Regulatory Affairs recruitment team

Our Regulatory Affairs recruitment team are specialists in placing talented candidates in roles at all organisational levels. In addition, they possess extensive industry knowledge to best support the complex needs of our clients and candidates in the life sciences sector.

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At Warman O’Brien, we’re pleased to support the operations and clinical research needs of contract research organisations and leading biotech and pharmaceutical organisations across the globe. 

To learn more about our experience sourcing executive talent for clinical operations, please see our recent case studies, where we explore the complex requirements needed to secure talented candidates for niche roles in this field.

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From the biopharmaceutical industry to medical communications agencies, Warman O’Brien’s consultants are skilled in assisting candidates in securing their subsequent roles in the regulatory affairs sector. Supporting world-leading organisations in the life sciences with their hiring needs, we’re excited to place talented and ambitious candidates in these critical regulatory roles. Contact us to find out more about our newest regulatory affairs opportunities.

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