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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, quality assurance roles within the biotech and pharmaceutical industries are experiencing remarkable growth, with predictions of market expansion to $9.69 billion by 2027. With the daily development of new medicines and medical devices, the responsibility for ensuring the safety of these novel therapies and the processes surrounding their development falls onto the shoulders of quality assurance and quality control professionals. 

As experts in life sciences recruitment, Warman O’Brien keenly understands the challenges facing the pharmaceutical and biotechnical product development cycle.

Our consultants are experts in recognising the experience and talent it takes to develop the unique skill set for many of these roles. We can assist in placing highly skilled and diligent candidates in these integral positions. 

QA jobs and their place in the global biopharma market

Although the United States has historically accounted for the most significant medical device and pharmaceuticals market globally, it’s estimated that the Asia-Pacific and Western European regions will see growth over the next decade. 

In the UK, schemes like the External Quality Assessments (EQA) monitor the results that labs provide as a result of medical testing, with all healthcare providers and medical laboratories subscribing to quality policies and quality management systems.

As a result, quality assurance roles such as internal and external compliance and auditing, QA analysis, quality systems management and quality assurance directorship are expected to multiply. 

QA jobs typically require several years of experience and specialisation, so many organisations are willing to acknowledge the transferable skills that candidates have developed in other areas of the life sciences industry. 

Quality Assurance roles and services

As a result of economic expansion and technological innovation, the need for experienced, professional pharmaceutical and biotechnical quality control experts has increased. Alongside this increase has been the specialisation of the roles that make up the quality assurance pipeline in the pharmaceutical and medical devices industry. For example, Warman O’Brien can assist in helping candidates in marketing their transferable skills in supervision, management, software development, data analysis and operations to secure a role in the field.

QA Analysis

The QA analyst role supports the operations of the entire quality assurance department, ensuring that all activities related to manufacturing, testing, and distribution are compliant with national and international legislation. They’re integral in preventing flaws in manufacturing and introducing new medical devices and medications to the market. Our recruitment consultants draw from a network of candidates with experience in the entire product lifecycle.

QA Auditing

Auditors are expected to travel to manufacturing facilities to conduct inspections, write up reports where their suppliers have shown areas for improvement, and follow up on these reports as part of their post-audit activities. We’ve successfully established and expanded quality assurance teams within global pharmaceutical companies, providing both interim and permanent staffing of experienced and executive-level auditing roles.

Qualified Persons

Guidelines on the manufacturing of new drugs or medical devices obligate pharmaceutical and biotech companies to comply with the rules surrounding manufacturing, storage and distribution. The qualified person ensures the safety for each batch of medicines or devices released to the market. At Warman O’Brien, we’ve recognised that qualified persons possess a unique and often niche skill set, with the experience that qualifies them to provide safety in the medical supply chain. 

The Quality Assurance recruitment team

At Warman O’Brien, we excel in supporting life sciences executives as they pursue their careers in quality assurance, whether in the pharmaceutical, medical device or biotechnology fields. Meet our QA recruitment team and get to know the consultants that can help you discover the next step in your career.

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At Warman O’Brien, we’re pleased to support the operations and clinical research needs of contract research organisations and leading biotech and pharmaceutical organisations across the globe. 

To learn more about our experience sourcing executive talent for clinical operations, please see our recent case studies, where we explore the complex requirements needed to secure talented candidates for niche roles in this field.

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Warman O’Brien’s consultants recognise the experience and transferable skills integral in many life sciences QA roles. We’d love to hear from ambitious candidates looking to discuss our available roles and their expertise. Contact our quality assurance recruitment team to discuss the latest QA jobs. 

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