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The world's largest trial of a four-day work week has hit the UK, and we're thrilled to be p...

The world's largest trial of a four-day work week has hit the UK, and we're thrilled to be part of this breakthrough!

As you may know, we switched to a four-day work week a year ago same time as the UK 4 Day Week Global Pilot Program 4 Day Week - Global has been started, and it's been a huge success!

Our goal was to boost productivity and improve work-life balance for our employees, and we did achieve that! As per Great Place To Work UK survey results, our team members are happier, more motivated, and have a greater sense of work-life balance. The extra day off has allowed them to pursue hobbies, spend more time with family and friends, or just relax and recharge.

But that's not all. Since implementing the four-day work week, we've seen a significant increase in productivity and a decrease in absenteeism. Thanks to a 4-day work week, our employees are more focused and energized when they're in the office, and they're better able to balance their work and personal commitments.

We asked Caroline O'Brien, our Operations Director, how did Warman O’Brien decide on the idea to move to a 4-day work week.

Caroline said: “Both Mark O'Brien and I had read quite a few articles about the benefits that had been shown of a 4-day week in other countries, such as happier employees with fewer health issues, and were both keen to try it out here. We’ve always supported employee well-being and mental health and this was an ideal opportunity to put our words into action!”

Offering flexible hours and a four-day work week (with no impact to pay or work hours) has also helped us attract and retain top talent. It shows that we value our employees' time and are committed to their wellbeing. In turn, our employees are more committed to the company and its goals.

Kay Wilson, our Talent Acquisition Manager, added: ”I think the 4-day work week is brilliant for the obvious reason of the long weekend each week, but also for the freedom it gives. The extra day each week opens lots of opportunities to either start something new, see family/friends, or just use it as a day to unwind by yourself and relax. It also further solidifies the trust Warman O’Brien has in us as employees and the autonomy we are given to get the job done.”

The success of the four-day work week hasn't gone unnoticed, and we're thrilled to see other companies within Life Sciences considering making the switch. The UK 4 Day Week Global Pilot Program has generated a lot of interest and attention, and we're proud to have been part of it.

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