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Kay Wilson

HR Business Partner

  • Location UK & Europe
  • Team People & Culture

I came to Warman O’Brien with over 4-years’ experience recruiting and managing a team recruiting Counsellors and Safeguarding Experts at a national charity.

After completing my Health and Social Care degree at University, I knew I didn’t want to step into a front-line career in the care or health sector, so I felt a little lost as to what to do. What I did know was that I loved working, helping and being around people, so knew I needed to harness my natural people skills and turn this into my career.

After graduation, I joined the Volunteer Recruitment team at a national charity, and we were responsible for recruiting and onboarding all volunteers into the organisation and for a volunteer led organisation, this was a mammoth and rewarding role. After working in the team for 10 months, I had the opportunity to apply for the Team Leader position and was successful and went on to lead my team of 6 for just over 3 years.

As a manager, I was able to develop my people skills and thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of managing a team and overseeing the successful recruitment of volunteers into the NSPCC. I had ownership over my team’s recruitment and the ability to improve and implement process changes to the recruitment and onboarding for volunteers. This role helped solidify my career path in recruitment. After 4 years at the NSPCC, I was ready for a change in role and change in location!

I moved to London and I was fortunate enough to secure my role as the Talent Acquisition Manager here at Warman O’Brien. At first, it seemed like a very daunting move as I was now solely responsible for all internal recruitment into a new company and totally new sector within Life Sciences, but I was ready for the challenge.

I am now a year into my role here at Warman O’Brien and thoroughly enjoying working with my colleagues and growing the team in both our UK and NZ offices! I work the end-to-end recruitment journey, from sourcing, interviewing, and onboarding new starters, supporting them with elements of their training. I bring with me my experiences from my degree and previous role to create a global team I’m proud to work in.

What do I like the most about Warman O’Brien? It’s the team! It sounds so cliché for a TA Manager to say this, but I genuinely enjoy coming in every day to see and work with my colleagues. One thing about WOB is how different we all are individually, but how well-synced everyone is and I think this is a testament to everyone’s commitment to their role, work, and team.

The 4-day week and flexibility that comes with working at WOB - it’s very refreshing. And our office Fluffies! I absolutely LOVE having dogs in the office for that quick serotonin boost. I don’t think Cub & Honey realise how much they add to the team❤

When I’m not working, I am usually with friends exploring London as I have an endless list of areas to visit and cute cafes to try on a Saturday morning.

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