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Conor Burke

Consultant in Clinical Research

  • Location USA & Canada
  • Team Team USA

Hi I’m Conor. I joined Warman O’Brien in 2022 and work as an end-to-end recruitment consultant within the field of Clinical Operations across the US and Canada. I am always looking to connect with Clinical Operations Professionals and help them find their way into a new role that suits them, or help clients find the perfect candidate!

I’ve found so far that my recruitment skills developed naturally from customer service-facing jobs, presentations in my college degree, interviews as well as playing sports and being sociable in general, have been a massive help in my personal development as a recruiter. Having a degree with a focus on interviews and presentations also hugely helps in a role like this.

My favourite part of the job is learning about my candidate’s research, the projects they are currently working on, and the businesses they are helping to support and grow. It really is fascinating to work with companies and people working on life changing projects

Building long-term relationships with my candidates is the key. I enjoy nothing more than watching them step into a new and engaging role and keeping up with their fast-moving and fascinating careers.

When I’m not recruiting, I love exploring the area where I live. The extra time off on a Friday due to our 4-day week is fantastic for getting to see things in London. I’m new to the city, having only moved over from Ireland a year ago, so it’s great to explore and see the sights when it’s a bit more quiet than usual!

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