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Brook Bridges

Consultant in Biostatistics

  • Location USA & Canada
  • Team Team USA

Here at Warman O’Brien, I specialise on pairing Biostatisticians with the top Pharma, Biotech and CRO’s across the US and Canada.

I am eager to broaden my network of Biostatistics candidates and hiring managers every day. It is helpful to have an introductory call with either candidates and hiring managers in order for me to be as relevant and accurate for you in the future.

In my time outside of recruiting, I love playing football in the premier division of the Greater London Women’s Football League.

Whether you are a Biostatistics professional interested in exploring the job market, or a Pharma, Biotech or CRO client looking for a more efficient way to source high-quality talent, I’d love to connect and explore a potential partnership or networking opportunity.

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