Meet Our Bioinformatics & Data Science Recruitment Guru – Aata

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Bioinformatics and data science are two rapidly growing fields in the Life Sciences industry...

Bioinformatics and data science are two rapidly growing fields in the Life Sciences industry. Today, we have the pleasure of introducing you to Aata, who is an expert in both of these fields and a crucial member of our team here at Warman O’Brien. Aata joined our New Zealand team in 2022 and now specializes in recruiting top talent across the US West Coast.

Q: What brought you to the Life Sciences recruitment?

A: I’ve always been attracted to industries that are impactful and evolving. Bioinformatics is what attracted me into the Life Sciences industry; it is full of innovative and ground-breaking discoveries that help the world. There’s a true purpose, and I like that I’m a part of that.

Q: What is the most unique part about working at Warman O’Brien?

A: Working at Warman O’Brien has given me the opportunity to work in a different country (US West Coast remotely) and network with new people. It offers a great commission structure with earning potential, and the team are always looking at new innovative ways to stay at the forefront of our market.

Q: Top three reasons why you should join the Warman O’Brien team in New Zealand?

A: Firstly, the 4-day workweek is by far the top reason. It really does give you a work/life balance. I find I am more focused and can still deliver on a shorter week. Secondly, flexible working. I love the flexibility of being able to work from home and in the office. It’s a really nice balance. And finally, within Life Sciences, there’s always something new to learn, new people to engage with, and new relationships to be made.

Q: What do you enjoy doing when not recruiting?

A: My dad and I hike all around the country, mountains, peaks, lakes.

Q: Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

A: Be kind – it’s free. Treat others how you would want to be treated.

Q: If someone would make a movie about you and your life, what would you call this movie?

A: Live, Laugh, Love

Whether you’re an experienced recruitment professional or just starting in your career, joining Warman O’Brien could be the perfect next step for you. With a focus on innovation and a commitment to delivering impactful results for our clients, Warman O’Brien is the ideal place to grow your career and make a real difference in the world. So why not get in touch with our team today and find out how you can join us on this exciting journey?

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